Frequently Asked Questions

Why Syntac Studio build Playground?

I tired setup the local development environment for WordPress especially OxygenBuilder every I have a work, so I make this playground.

Why Playground is Free?

Assuming I only share localhost on my computer, I host the Playground on the AWS server where I save my other website, only a few dollars from my monthly fee.

How much I can create a sandbox site?

You can create up to 5 websites in the same email address if you need more you must signup with a different email address or remove the unused website.

Do you have backups for all websites on the Playground?

Sorry, I don't have it. Please export your website ASAP after you have done work on your website using OxyTransfer.

How I export my Website?

You can use OxyTransfer plugin to export and import, this plugin can be activated through plugin page on your a sandbox website.

Where you make money with the Playground?

I use my email domain as a Playground domain and hope other people visit the domain which will be redirected to in the hope that some projects will come to my agency.

How long will the Playground live?

I have a balance in my AWS account that will last until September 2020 and in that time you will keep your website alive. If during that time I did not get the project at all the possibility that Playground will die.

What if I want to contribute to keeping the Playground alive?

I do not refuse if anyone wants to donate to fund a Playground or give me a project to create a website with WordPress (OxygenBuilder or Divi), Convert PSD / JPG / PNG / Sketch / Adobe XD files to a static website and Laravel, also Syntac Studio offering a service for UI/UX Design. For detail, you can visit page Support Us

Will you steal my website design?

NO! I love originality and your design is yours never shared to anyone, only me have to access to admin page and I won't steal your work.

What tools are used to build a Playground?

Server using AWS, control panel using Runcloud, and WP Ultimo as Multisite management.

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